While Dr. Katz specializes in providing neuropsychological evaluations, she can also provide a number of other services based on a family or professional’s needs.

Targeted Re-Evaluations

Given the nature of developmental, social, and emotional difficulties and increasing academic demands that arise, a targeted, updated evaluation may be warranted to monitor progress after recommendations are implemented.

Ongoing Support Services

  • Following the completion of an evaluation, ongoing support services that foster development and facilitate future success may include:
  • Attending a team meeting at school to help create a learning support plan/IEP/504 Plan
  • Consulting with attorneys about cases involving special education law
  • Meeting with teachers to help develop actionable solutions to challenges
  • Attending a treatment team meeting to report on a client’s response to interventions
  • Consulting with school placement specialists to help determine the best “match” for a student

Educational Planning and Record Review/Second Opinions

Some families are not interested in or may not feel ready to move forward with an evaluation. Some families recently received an evaluation, and are looking for a second opinion. Dr. Katz can assist families or treatment providers (e.g., psychologists/social workers/psychiatrists/pediatricians) with interpreting prior testing reports, reviewing learning support plans/IEPs/504 Plans, and/or prioritizing treatment or educational planning options.

Referral Services

Dr. Katz provides referrals specific to each child’s individual needs. She maintains strong relationships and collaborates with compassionate and exceptional specialists including psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, speech-language therapists, occupational therapists, learning specialists/tutors, educational consultants, educational attorneys, pediatricians, and neurologists.  


Dr. Katz has presented numerous workshops and seminars to both professionals, trainees, and families within the New York and tri-state regions.